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What our clients are saying about us...

  • IBP gets us results that exceed our expectations!
    We’ve been working with Kevin and his team for the past several months and already we’re seeing enormous progress. My team is now focused on continuous improvement and our whole way of thinking has changed. Kevin’s guidance has revolutionized how we all interact and communicate as a team and the results are incredible. Already our Key Performance Indicators have surpassed where we hoped they’d be after a year, and we’re ramping up our projections to reflect this new reality.

    R. Peik
  • There are a few practical things I value and insist on from people in my relationships whether personal or professional. First and foremost are honesty, integrity and character; And secondly, an adherence to a good work ethic and a dedication to striving for excellence; Thirdly, a sincere desire and resulting action to help others become better people by all measures. In my dealings with Kevin Phillips and his team in assisting with the successful marketing and sale of a portion of my business, I have found Kevin Phillips to be one such individual. In my communications business, over thirty five years, almost every customer we served professionally became our friends. Any prospective client of Kevin’s I am sure will experience similar successful results and satisfaction in dealing with Kevin and his team.

    T. Furman
  • I have known Kevin for almost a decade and continue to look to him for guidance. His insight into business processes enabled me to grow and sell my business to a Fortune 500 buyer, that doesn’t happen everyday! Since then, he has continued to be a source of wisdom and inspiration in both my personal and professional lives. I look forward to many more years of coaching and friendship.

    C.J. Ezell